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Why is wellbeing important for PA/EA’s in the workplace?

In your role of PA/EA you can be a better you.

By Jeffry Farman, director, CountryPlace Conference Centre.

Having worked closely with PA/EA’s in managing corporate business events we know what a stressful job this can be. Stopping to consider your own physical and emotional wellbeing is key to your success in this challenging role.

Wellbeing in the workplace encompasses physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as mental health and feeling valued. An increasing number of companies are noticing the importance of these issues and the impact they have on businesses and individuals.

The cost to business and the economy of sickness absence and underperformance at work is huge. It’s also worth noting that more than a third of absences are stress related. An important UK survey showed that only 2-in-5 employees are working at peak performance.

Here are a few tips:

Ways to incorporate wellbeing into your workplace

  • Add wellbeing into performance management templates, so it’s automatically part of the conversation in regular catch-ups between managers and staff
  • Give employees credit for speaking up if they’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed
  • Embed wellbeing elements into company conferences and days out
  • Give employees more control over how their training and development budget is used and actively encourage participation in wellbeing-related courses and activities
  • Promote flexible working to staff at all levels and areas of responsibility
  • Ensure everyone takes proper breaks and encourage activity during break times

Expertise to give you a helping hand

For around 30 years, CountryPlace Conference Centre, in Melbourne’s beautiful Dandenong Ranges, has been working closely with PA’s to run successful business events. This experience has enabled us to provide a useful handbook of ideas, great articles and tips on how to effectively manage your time, plan your day, look after yourself and organise meetings.

From planning your day, managing your diary to finding a suitable meeting venue, we hope this resource will be of real value to you.

Download our Essential EA/PA Handbook

Our Helpful Handbook for PA’s has lots more on workplace wellbeing including lifting your performance, motivation, mental health, and more. The handbook also offers advice on diary management, personal styling, time management considerations, understanding dietary complexities, PA networking, dealing with difficult colleagues at work and lots, lots more.

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