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Top 5 UK workplace New Year's Resolutions

By Jeffry Farman, past Global President, International Association of Conference Centres.

When we spend a significant portion of our time at work, it makes sense to have professional resolutions as well as personal ones. Recent UK research revealed the top workplace-based new year’s resolutions of employees. And revealed a few surprises.

Here are the top 5 picks and some workplace tips:

Have a better work-life balance

The number one concern (ahead of a pay rise) was the all-important work-life balance: 17% of those surveyed. They feel the need to re-establish the boundaries between work and home. A brilliant solution to an improved sense of balance can be flexible working. Perhaps work from home one day a week to see if things pick up.

Learning something new

The key to this is to decide what it is you want to learn: you’ll want something that progresses your career, is exciting, and, importantly, is relevant. Research which skills would be useful in your sector and look up courses while you’re at it. Then, when you bring it up with your line manager, you’ll be prepared.

Seek a pay rise

Employers love employees who are ready and willing to learn new skills so if you can combine the previous resolution with this one, you’ll be more likely to see success. There are lots of factors affecting a manager’s decision to hand out a pay rise – recruitment plans, restructuring, long-term business goals, etc – therefore it isn’t always a direct reflection of your input.

Have healthier work lunches

It seems people are on a health kick in 2018, planning to swap their lunches for more nutritious alternatives. It does not need to be more expensive or take more time. Try it.

Be more organised

There are a whole range of ways in which you can be more productive, manage your time better and improve your organisational skills. It isn’t always about how many tasks you complete, rather completing them well: ordering tasks by priority can help with this. Acknowledging accomplishments can make you feel more capable of completing the next job so remember to celebrate your achievements!

You’ve got the whole year ahead of you to put into practice your business resolutions. 2018 might be the best year yet for your career.

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