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Tips for Marketing Conferences in the Tech Age

Technology makes it easier to get more out of conferences, but it can also be a big help when it comes to planning them. Conference planners, from such organisations as business associations and professional groups (eg medical and law), seeking to attract participants to sign up for their events would benefit from the use of today's technological tools.

Attracting larger numbers of attendees to training and development events is made easier these days with the new technology tools

Marketing conferences these days goes beyond sending out direct mail or email to potential attendees. With the wide range of technological tools available, marketers can reach a much broader audience and significantly improve the chance of having bigger and bigger crowds. These are just a few of the digital tools that are ideal for marketing conferences.

Say Hello to Social Media

The rise of social media in recent years has had a large impact on businesses.

Internet technology and apps for conference planning

Many companies have turned to social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to build brand awareness and gain a following of loyal customers. For those who work on planning and marketing conferences, social media sites offer a convenient way to reach out to a larger number of potential attendees than other marketing methods. Posting conference updates on Facebook or creating a conference hashtag on Twitter help generate online buzz long before the event takes place.

Engage Audiences with Event Apps

Event apps, such as DoubleDutch and EventMobi, provide marketers with innovative ways to let potential attendees know about upcoming conferences. These apps have features that allow users to customise the app for their event. Marketers can set up a mobile agenda for attendees to follow, rather than printing out schedules on paper. Attendees have the option to personalise the agenda as needed. Some of these apps also have other features that can entice potential attendees to sign up for conferences, such as enhanced networking features.

Make the Most of Event Marketing Software

Event marketing software offers a convenient way to reach potential attendees via email marketing, social media, push messages and more. This type of software focuses on helping marketers reach a broader audience while also staying organised during the conference planning process.

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