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Things to do in the Dandenongs

The Dandenong Ranges has long been a tourism destination for local Melbournians and overseas visitors alike. The attraction is no doubt the beautiful surrounds with cool ferny gullies and magnificent stands of towering Mountain Ash trees, quite close to Melbourne just 35km away.

Lyrebirds are sometime hard to find. Go quietly.

As a child my family (like many others) would visit the Dandenongs on a Sunday for a pleasant drive in The Hills. A picnic in the forest would sometimes reveal a rare lyrebird.

Lunch was often followed by a tour of the gardens, nurseries and the charming and interesting villages of Sassafras and Olinda.

With their quaint antique shops, tea-rooms and cafés these tiny towns were always popular.

CountryPlace Hotel, at Kalorama is in the centre of all the most popular attractions. Many quite close by.

Planning a trip?

For those looking for assistance in planning a trip to the Dandenongs this one day itinerary may be helpful.

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