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How to choose the perfect team building venues

When it comes to choosing a venue in Melbourne, for your group’s team building activity there are lots of choices. First you will decide if this is just an activity at work or is it something more?

Of course, if it is just a work refresher, something to revitalise your group, you can stay in the office if space permits. You could simply call in consultants to assist on site.

Off-Site Team Building Venue

But, maybe it’s something a little more. Perhaps you would like to take your group off-site to a venue where some training facilities are available for the day. There are a number of such locations from which to choose.

If it’s not to be on-site then where? CBD, metropolitan, regional, seaside, mountain/snow. Of course your decision will be determined by the facilities and specialist team building equipment that is available.

Maybe it’s an activity as part of a multiple day conference. So, you may choose to take your group to a team building venue out of town. Here there are also choices. You could choose camp style facilities that are usually inexpensive but the support hospitality and accommodation choices are usually limited. A school camp with “bunkhouse” accommodation is one option.

Then you could select a specialist conference centre that offers training and team building facilities. There are a few choices in Victoria.


One of the most popular venues, close to Melbourne is CountryPlace. This award-winning venue offers both high and low ropes activities. The venue has long term partnerships with specialist team building consultants to guide you through the process. But as a first step there are some important questions you will need to answer about choosing a team building venue. CountryPlace has developed a few questions you should consider when choosing a team building venue.

Questions to consider when choosing a team building venue.





Before venue selection it is important to clarify the key reasons for the team building and what the required outcomes are. This will make it easier to decide on a venue.


In-house or off-site

In house distractions (emails/colleagues/work considerations) can interfere with team building goals. Motivation and cooperation is often increased when an event is taken off-site



Is the activity something that can be delivered in-house
Is the venue not too far away – reduces travel time
Is the environment suitable to meet my objectives



Some facilities are just not available in-house. For example a specialist ropes course  


Can the venue demonstrate specific experience with team building  


Is the equipment to be used fit for purpose (and safe)  


Does the venue have a strong food & beverage expertise  


Are there opportunities for indoor/undercover activities if the weather turns bad  


Duration of the event. Will the group require accommodation  


At CountryPlace, they have experience with over 3000 corporate events spanning almost 30 years. Help is certainly at hand whilst you navigate the challenges of your specific event. Get your FREE Team Building GuideBook to help you understand the many options for team building programs and activities that are available.


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