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Major companies, universities and government departments have long recognized the value of adding a team-building activity to their conference events. These activities can bring significant benefits including uncovering new talents, leadership development, problem solving and effective team collaboration.


A few residential conference venues around Melbourne offer specialist team-building facilities and activities. In conjunction with qualified trainers that assist organizations to develop goals and implement programs, these venues are sought after for their specialization and expertise. CountryPlace is one of these venues that has been popular with corporates, for team-building activities in Melbourne, for many years.

Everything you need to know about Team Building

Organising a conference can be a headache for many of us. Particularly those that have been given the task for the first time. As the event organiser, you’ll need to consider goals, attendees, budget, venue selection, accommodation, food & beverage choices, the agenda, managing the event and post conference evaluation. And then there’s team-building. Where to start?

Countryplace Conference Centre has launched a Team Building Guide as a tool that allows organisations to plan for the inclusion of a team-building component into their event.

In conjunction with several of the country’s leading and most successful trainers, CountryPlace has seen the transformation of many groups that are able to encourage equal contribution from all members.

Our FREE team building Guide Book will walk you through the planning process considering all of the aspects of goal setting, problem solving, team activities, desired outcomes and much more.

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Why is team building important?

In today’s competitive world everyone is looking for an edge. An improved performance. There is a strong correlation between strengthening cohesion and morale amongst workmates and the improved performance of an organisation. As businesses operate in increasingly competitive environments, it is critical that all employees develop the resolve and tactical skills to outperform the competition.

These skills can be learned. By improving the way teams learn to harness the potential of all team members, finding better and smarter ways to solve problems and continuously improving results, overall performance can be improved.

Our programs offer varied, customised learning and provide tangible results for your business. You can find out a lot more  about why team building is important when you download our comprehensive Guide to Team-building.

Team building benefits

Today in this competitive world it is critical that all employees develop the resolve and tactical skills to outperform the competition.

Our programs offer varied, customised learning and provide tangible results for your business. We recognise that every client has different needs and will require a different solution for their team bonding activities. The focus can be on:

  • Giving and receiving encouragement
  • Stretching comfort zones
  • Building trust
  • Problem solving
  • Cross team collaboration
  • Bonding by succeeding together
Learn more about the benefits of team building.

How team-building contributes to improved outcomes

Why is team building important?

Over recent years the workplace has seen significant change. Businesses have embraced a more open, collaborative and flexible way of working. Yet, through all the change, employees remain at the core of every organisation. All teams must be able to adapt to new ways of working in order to thrive in today’s business landscape – and that’s where team building programs can contribute.

Here are a few reasons why team-building can contribute to improved business outcomes:

  • Crafting the culture
  • Fostering communication
  • Building value to employee-manager relationship
  • Uncovering talent

Read more about how together everyone achieves more.

And learn even more by downloading our comprehensive Team-Building Guidebook.

How a team building activity will add value to your next conference event?

Taking time out of the office for team meetings, conferences and training are all important parts of keeping any business on track. Yet time is precious and companies are under pressure to get as much value as possible when spending time away from day-to-day operations.

Adding a team building element to your conference, meeting or training day agenda is a compelling way to gain added value in terms of both time and money. Many business leaders say team building is one of the most important investments that can be made in an organisation’s workforce.

Here are 5 benefits of adding team building to your next meeting or event

  1. Increasing engagement
  2. Improving productivity
  3. Reinforcing company goals and vision
  4. Boosting trust
  5. Enhancing communication

Corporate Team Building Melbourne

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We commonly hear that people are an organisation’s most valuable resource and that high performing teams are the pathway to success. But do we walk the talk when it comes to investing time and resources into developing our people and teams? How easy it is to let good intentions slip when there is so much going on at work.

Well, the goods news it that your next planning conference at CountryPlace presents an excellent opportunity to include team development experiences that will not only enhance the outcomes of your meeting but also raise the bar on the teamwork back at work.

Three of the most successful corporate team-building activities are described here.

Team Building Icebreakers

What are they and why should you use them?

Team Building Icebreakers are, as the name implies, group activities that “break the ice” in meetings and group events getting things off to a good start. In almost 30 years in corporate meetings business we have seen these activities employed to great effect.

Icebreakers should be used by organisers to:

  • Introduce participants in an interactive way.
  • Help people to know each other (particularly when participants have not met before).
  • Encourage interaction. Understanding a person strengthens the connection and makes it easier for people to talk.
  • Energise the group. An energy boost helps people relax.
  • Have fun. Focus on fun and you can’t go wrong.

Icebreakers are used to effect when they are able to turn a good event into a GREAT event.

Team Building Venue Melbourne

When it comes to choosing a venue in Melbourne for your group’s team building activity there are lots of choices. First you will decide if this is just an activity at work or is it something more?

What type of venue will achieve the best outcome for your team building goals? Should it be in the CBD or regional Victoria? To learn more on this topic read our team building venue article.


If you’re looking for one of Melbourne’s leading off-site venues with team building facilities, checkout CountryPlace.

Fun team building activities

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As well as fostering new ways of learning and the challenging side of team-building, these activities are almost always a lot of fun.

Here are a few of the fun team building activities from our Team-Building Guide that we can introduce to your team.

Outside activities include a session on our High Ropes course or the Low Ropes activity. Then there is Seglympics or archery. Some of the indoor activities include Team Drumming, Corporate fencing, The Taste Test Challenge with our chefs and many more.

Our programs offer varied, customised learning and provide tangible results for your business. You can find out a lot more when you download our comprehensive Guide to Team-building.

Why not try these fun corporate team building games at your next business event?

Conclusion: A Team-Building activity offers real value for your next event

At CountryPlace we have completed over 3000 conference events for our clients. Many who return again and again for many years.

The launch of our new Team-Building Guide will assist conference organizers to plan and implement a successful element into the conference program.

And don’t forget the FREE Team-Building “test drive” days. Sign up to try before you buy.

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