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3 effective team building activities for your next Melbourne conference

Guest Blogger:
Peter Martini – Director, Corporate Team Building Solutions & Outdoor Training

Effective Team Building – Do We Walk The Talk?

We commonly hear that people are an organisation’s most valuable resource and that high performing teams are the pathway to success. But do we walk the talk when it comes to investing time and resources into developing our people and teams? How easy it is to let good intentions slip when there is so much going on at work.

Well, the goods news it that your next planning conference at CountryPlace presents an excellent opportunity to include team development experiences that will not only enhance the outcomes of your meeting but also raise the bar on the teamwork back at work. Here are three activities on offer.

3 effect team building activities

Team initiative activities (1 to 4 hrs)

Encouraging equal contribution from all members, these challenges are not only highly engaging and lots of fun, but also improve your team’s ability to solve problems together and achieve improved results back at work.  The activities – Step on it, Optimisation and Get Smart give flexibility in designing a session to suit the size and desired outcomes of your group.

Reach for the sky (2-3 hrs)

team building activities melbourne

A high ropes course is the ideal way to “stretch the comfort zone,” build confidence and raise self-esteem. With your team mates controlling the safety ropes under supervision of experienced facilitators, group members experience levels of trust and support rarely experienced in a work environment. Your team will bond through this powerful experience and return to work motivated and ready to take on any challenge!

Team skill development workshop (4 hrs)

Teams need a process to help them solve problems, generate new ideas and make wise business decisions. This highly interactive workshop incorporates coaching on team process skills and awareness of different working styles within the team so enhancing team members’ ability to “pace” their communication style to complement other's strengths and weaknesses. 

If you're looking for team building activities in Melbourne why not take us up on this exclusive offer.

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About Peter Martini

Peter Martini is the principal consultant and owner of two companies – Corporate Team Solutions, which offers team & leadership development and executive coaching and Corporate Outdoor Training which specialises in outdoor team building programs. Peter is a Master Trainer of Team Management Systems (TMS), holds a Bachelor Degree Sc., Dip Ed., Post Grad Dip Ed Admin., Post Grad Dip Outdoor Ed. Peter has successfully worked with people at all levels spanning a broad cross section of industries and countries for the past twenty years. Peter has been associated with CountryPlace for most of this time.