A Special Experience For Your Group This summer

Shakespeare, Shakuhachi, Opera, Baroque and folk music, twilight performances in the close-by Cloudehill Garden Theatre.

The Essential Event Planning Checklist

Know the important ingredients for your coRporate event  

So, it’s your responsibility to plan and provide for the all-important annual conference. Where to start? 

Pros & Cons Of Off-Site Meetings

By Jeffry Farman, past Global President, International Association of Conference Centres.

3 Horrible Mistakes Meeting Planners Make before a conference 

It’s a big responsibility running a conference or meeting. These events can be quite costly when you add up all of the expenses – time away from work, facilitator costs, travel, entertainment. So, if it’s your responsibility you had better get it...

How To Create A Corporate Event You Can Be Proud Of

Planning and organising a, successful corporate event that ticks all the boxes is not always easy. Choosing a program that meets all your event needs will be critical. It should to be engaging, raise the profile of your event and, most importantly,...

Raising the Bar - How Bar Service Can Make or Break Your Event

The service and availability of alcohol at an event is often joked about, but the approach taken to bar service can make or break your event. Ensuring attendees have a good time at night but wake up ready and fresh the next day is a serious...

How to Manage an Event Without Jeopardising your Own Experience.

Often referred to as one of modern society’s most stressful professions, event coordinators sometimes allow the pressure of the role jeopardise their personal experience of their event. Being largely accountable for the event’s success, whilst...

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