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Spring. A great time for a conference in the Dandenongs.

From now,through the next few months, Spring is in the air. The daffodils emerge. Followed by the tulips. Then the rhododendrons and azaleas. The deciduous trees burst into leaf. All is well in the world. The lawns have never looked greener. Time to shed those heavy winter garments and think about having your meeting sessions outdoors. Springtime is a great time for a conference in the Dandenongs.


Bright colours, the smell of the forest and the fresh mountain air

Fresh mountain forest air, bright blue skies, the sound of finches chirping, parrots

squarking, kookaburras laughing and warbling magpies. At CountryPlace there are lots of opportunities to set-up in the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors surrounded by beautiful gardens and trees.

When guests say It’s a nice day, we would like to move our workshop outside in the fresh air and gardens.We say,No trouble. There are many pleasant CountryPlace garden opportunities for your group to enjoy.

Sixty years in the making.

CountryPlace gardens were established more than 60 years ago. We have been developing them with new plantings, improving the grounds for the pleasure of our guests. Improving the gardens is a passion for us.

Often people say “that it a beautiful tree . . . what is it?”

This year more than fifty of the major trees have been signposted with the common and botanical names. Now guests will be able to stroll around the gardens absorbing the pleasures of nature while appreciating the beauty of our mature, established trees.