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Six ways to motivate your troops.


Often, an important part of a conference is building enthusiasm and teamwork. Motivating a team to feel valued and strive for improved performance.

Here are six ways to motivate a team.

Goal setting: Make sure the team has a clear understanding of their aims and objectives. Make sure these goals are clearly defined and realistic. If possible have the team participate in setting their goals so they take ownership.

Train the troops: With technology advancements coming at an ever quickening pace, it’s critical to have a workforce that’s confident of its ability to compete. A well-trained team is often a highly motivated team.

Listen: It’s more important than we often consider, to provide employees with a platform to speak and be heard. If we don’t listen, employees may stop offering suggestions and ideas.

Temper criticism with praise: Constructive criticism can be a valuable part of working relationships. But we need to focus on the “constructive” part.

Encourage competition: Establishing two or more teams and offering a reward element is often an effective way to motivate and get the best out of people.

Team Building activities: Well chosen team activities can develop new skills relevant to the workplace and improve performance.

Team Building Activities Melbourne

At CountryPlace we have access to trainers skilled in team-building. Most have utilized our high and low ropes courses to help bring teams to new levels of motivation and performance. Call us on 9728 7070 to discuss your options.