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Ask about special rates on Seglympics

Seglympics activities can be as structured or as unstructured as the client desires.

Many clients just want to reward their team with an activity that is lots of fun and can be enjoyed together.

Other clients are keen to achieve or reinforce certain organisational goals through their team building activities.

Case study A

The client was keen to build communication between their group members who were participating in a leadership conference.

The conference focused on -

  • communication,
  • delivering high quality outcomes and
  • workplace safety.

The coordinators were keen to theme their activities in line with some of the organisation’s business practices. In communication with the facilitator of the leadership program, Segway arranged a set of activities that would meet their corporate aims. These included:

One team member communicating instructions to others.

For each activity, a team had to nominate a “chief communicator”. Instructions were then provided to these participants only and it was their job to relay the instructions to their team mates. Teams were evaluated on their ability to follow the instructions provided by the chief communicator.

Segway deliveries

As parcel delivery was a key component of the clients work, the coordinators were keen to theme an activity around delivery of postal items. Participants were required to sort through a collection of items for delivery and while riding a Segway had to deliver the items into some cardboard “mail boxes”. This activity also involved wearing appropriate company apparatus while performing the delivery.

Risk management

Workplace safety was a priority. Participants were asked to monitor their team’s behaviour throughout the course of activities to identify any areas where safety might be compromised by their actions. Participants were required to highlight risks they identified in their own or others’ activity. At the end of the activities, a debrief was conducted to draw attention to behaviours that could compromise safety, as well as identifying areas where participants had met or exceeded expectations.

Special Rates for Seglympics at CountryPlace Conferences

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