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Our Favourite Puzzle - Balancing Nails

A great way to engage your group and get them communicating. The perfect Icebreaker.

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1. Take a handful of large flat head nails.

2. Hamer one into a block of wood

3. Now balance all of the remaining nails onto of the one in the wood.

4. Oh yeah? Can’t be done...

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And The Answer . . .


There are many more icebreaker ideas that will provide a great start to your event. They are all in our Guide to Icebreakers.

At CountryPlace we appreciate that all events are unique. And we are here to help. This Icebreaker Guidebook will help you understand the many options for getting your event off to a great start and the many activities that are available 

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For further assistance please reach out to the CountryPlace team. Call 9728 7070