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PA handbook


A guide to some of the things that may make a difference in your job.

From planning your day, managing your diary through to finding a suitable meeting venue, we hope this resource will be of real value to you. It’s yours FREE.

Here’s what your handbook covers.

  • Tips on diary management
  • Time management considerations
  • Wellbeing in the workplace (including yours)
  • Personal styling and presentation
  • Five useful productivity tools
  • Tips for minute taking
  • Dealing with difficult colleagues
  • Handling dietary complexities
  • PA networking
  • Useful seating arrangements for meetings
  • 6 scientifically backed ways to de-stress the conference planner
  • A guideline to running team-building events
  • Key ingredients for memorable business events
  • Using icebreakers to get your meetings off to a great start
  • Successful venue selection for outside meetings