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In-House Meeting Rooms Often Less Than Inspiring

By Jeffry Farman, past Global President, International Association of Conference Centres.

Some meeting rooms can be downright de-motivating.

We all know that is cheaper to stay in the office rather than to go off-site. But is that a good investment?


If you need to get the best out of your people you may have to step outside. Take your meeting to an off-site venue, purpose built for learning and development. Some of the more attractive features could be: 

  • Good natural light
  • Access to fresh air with windows that open
  • Inspiring surrounds (views from the meeting room)
  • Ergonomic chairs for all day comfort
  • A distraction-free environment
  • Good technology to support the learning

Your meeting space could look like this.


The popular Shiloah Room at CountryPlace Conference Centre in the Dandenongs.

Don’t Get Distracted By  The Day-To-Day

When change or leadership programs are run in-house there is a real danger that managers will be caught up in the “day to day” by constantly being distracted by work issues. Being physically in the building can be a real risk to the program. Facilitators often say in house meetings can be a nightmare. People turning up late because or work distractions. Breaks going longer than planned when office personnel intrude. Interruptions are less likely when meetings are held off-site.  Being physically in the building can be difficult to mentally break from work. Going away allows participants to both physically and mentally separate from the work environment and understand that they’re putting that time aside.

Most attendees appreciate the opportunity to get outside to collaborate and consider.


So, will an off-site or on-site meeting provide the best ROI?

Download our comparison chart to help you decide whether to take your conference, event or training session off-site. 

 In-House Meeting Rooms Comparison Chart