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Improving Conference Registration With Technology

One of the most important elements of any successful conference is getting attendees registered and committed to the event. In addition to gaining a more accurate prediction of final attendee numbers, improving conference registration can help ensure that registration fees are paid quickly and reliably.

There is a growing number of technology solutions designed to increase the effectiveness and reliability of conference registration. A substantial number of those are based on software solutions that have corresponding mobile apps. Now that smartphones are essentially ubiquitous technology (particularly among the conference-attending demographic), having a registration suite that is integrated into a device attendees carry around with them 24/7 can dramatically increase registration and reduce attendee drop-off between registration and the event itself.

The following are two of the best conference registration solutions on the market. There are certainly others, but we recommend these as great places to start.


Eventbrite is a comprehensive ticketing and conference registration suite. In addition to offering a customizable platform and extensive social media integration, Eventbrite provides demographics and behavioral insights into conference attendees that you can use to improve future conferences.


Event Smart is another comprehensive solution that offers a robust selection of add-on features. Best of all, Event Smart offers a "free" version that will allow conference organizers to sell tickets and conduct several other functions without paying a cent.

Even if you don't ultimately choose Eventbrite or Event Smart, looking at what they offer will help you think of what to look for in an alternative solution.

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Christopher Gower