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Here's a conference activity that can hit the spot

Clients are always asking us for ideas to add interest to their business event.

Here's a couple of popular choices. Sword Fighting or Archery, that can be a team building activity or a simple form of entertainment.

Archery, a favourite activity at CountryPlace

Perfect, on the expansive lawns, in the magnificent gardens at CountryPlace. Or in the fields surrounded by forest, just across the road.

Ask for more information.

Segway, another favourite

Ball in bucket activity - an ideal team building activity at CountryPlace

Segways are two wheel personal transporters. Learn to operate Segway in a matter of minutes. Almost completely silent, there’s nothing quite like utilising space age technology while challenging another team through a complex obstacle course.



Segway allows your group to experience something new in the beautiful outdoor environment at CountryPlace, offering team programs that are truly challenging and fun. An innovation that takes no time to master, creates a sense of excitement and enthusiasm and leaves no trace in the environment.

The “Seglympics” and other Segway Team Building programs can be schedule to fit your agenda. The Segway team will provide comprehensive safety training for all members of your group before putting them through their paces on these amazing eco-friendly machines.

Help transform employees into high performance teams through a range of exciting, challenging and testing programs that:

  • Identify Comfort Zones
  • Foster Trust
  • Promote Risk Taking
  • Encourage Self-Disclosure
  • Demonstrate Group Dynamics
  • Discover Team Members’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Ask us to arrange a session for your group. Call Jen on 9728 7000