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Looking For Family Reunion Accommodation Victoria?

Bringing the whole family together at a great venue in beautiful surroundings just 50 minutes from Melbourne

A family reunion can mean a lot of things. For some it might be three generations coming together – the parents, the siblings and their kids all in one place once a year. For others it might be once-a-decade meeting of their uncles, cousins and more.

Large Group Accommodation Victoria

Surveys show extended-family reunions can average 50 people. For both large and small groups, destination reunions have become really popular. If you’re planning a family get-together you will need a lot of facilities and support. You’ll need a nice environment, comfortable group accommodation, function rooms, catering and recreational facilities.

Planning is key to a successful event.

Here are some tips on how to plan a successful event:

  1. Timing. Experts say it’s best to plan a reunion 9 months to a year in advance. But the bigger the group and the further people have to travel, the more notice they will want to set aside dates, save money and find reserve plane tickets.
  2. Consider a planning “committee.” Two or three people should share the initial work of picking a date and location, setting a budget and communicating with and delegating tasks to the rest of the family.
  3. Selecting a venue. Factors to consider in choosing a location include participating families’ budgets and interests, the ages of the kids involved, and where the guests will be coming from.  Does your family prefer a dream destination, like the Gold Coast, or just a town equidistant from everyone? Amenities like kitchens, BBQs, outdoor decks, living rooms and dens give family members options for gathering informally throughout the day. What recreational facilities are available – pool, tennis, bush walks, local tourism attractions?
  4. Delegation. It pays to get everyone involved. The planning committee handles the big tasks. Make sure one of them is charged with delegating smaller jobs among the rest of the grown-ups and teens.
  5. Have a Plan (Agenda). Even with simple activities — hiking in the mountains or a game of tennis - it’s a challenge to get full participation. It’s easier if everyone knows what’s coming. Providing a well-paced schedule of meals and activities gives just enough structure to everyone’s day.
  6. Sharing the memories. Consider establishing a family Facebook page. Invite everyone to upload their photos.

Almost 50 years of experience providing accommodation for LARGE groups

Originally known at Panorama Guesthouse in the 1960’s, today’s CountryPlace has a long and successful record of providing special accommodation and hospitality for family and social groups. In fact, the venue has won 5 Victorian Tourism Awards for its hospitality.

 family reunion accommodation victoria

CountryPlace, a popular venue in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, close to Melbourne.

CountryPlace offers 62 en-suite guest rooms, 5 function rooms, 3 dining rooms, 4 recreational areas, 2 bars, full catering, 2 tennis courts, pool, small gymnasium, fuss-ball, pool tables, and superb garden walks. We even have high ropes activities available with fully supervised by professional trainers. Ask us how your group can take the challenge. 

Let us help.

There’s no better way to make memories with your family than by gathering everyone together in a special location. So, if you’ve been given the daunting task of organising a family reunion for your clan allow us to help. CountryPlace has provided for over 3000 groups for many years to achieve success for our clients. Call us on (03) 9728 7070


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