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Family Hospitality at CountryPlace

CountryPlace was established in the early nineties as a true family hospitality business. For all of the past 26 years the business has been family owned and family operated.  The venue and business is owned by Carol and Jeffry Farman and is operated by John Harris. Both the Farman and Harris families each have 3 sons, over the last 26 years all 6 have worked within the business.

Customers say they “appreciate our Family Hospitality.”

Jeffry has unique ties to the region, having grown up in the Yarra Ranges. He truly appreciates the beauty of the Dandenong Ranges and the splendour of the Yarra Valley wine region. (Some might say Jeff enjoys a little too much of the wine region).

Clients trust family experience

With over 26 years’ experience in looking after groups for all kinds of meetings and special occasions, we’re pleased that regular clients say they “appreciate the family values we bring to the hospitality experience.” Everything we do, is built around the attitude that nothing is ever too much trouble and that no challenge can’t be overcome. (THE ONLY THING WE OVERLOOK IS THE VIEW)


CountryPlace achievements

The Farmans have seen many achievements over the years. CountryPlace was the first conference centre in Australia to be accredited by the International Association of Conference Centres based in the USA. The venue is also the only conference centre to be accepted into the Victorian Tourism Hall of Fame, having won the Tourism Award no less than five times.

So, what is it that clients find so appealing? We think it is the food, the reliability of service, attention to detail, flexibility, and responsiveness. Why not try us out for your next event?

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