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Don’t Be Caught With Your Pants Down

By Jeffry Farman, past Global President, International Association of Conference Centres.

A Meeting Icebreaker Idea from our FREE Guide

So, you’ve been given the task of running a corporate event and the boss has asked you to liven things up right from the outset. You’ve had this great idea to engage the group in getting to know each other. And warming to the occasion.

You heard that CountryPlace is offering a new Guide to effective Icebreakers for meetings. You decided to Download.

You were amused with idea No 2 – “Pass the toilet Roll.”

To play this game, pass a roll of toilet paper around a group, sitting in a circle, telling them to take as much as they need. Everyone laughs at the amount people take, and once the roll is finished and everyone has had a go, you drop the bomb.

For each piece of toilet paper taken, the person has to tell the group something about himself or herself that the others don’t know. You won’t believe the laughs his gets.

There are many more ideas that will provide a great start to your event. They are all in our Guide to Icebreakers.

At CountryPlace we appreciate that all events are unique. And we are here to help. This Icebreaker Guide will help you understand the many options for getting your event off to a great start and the many activities that are available.

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