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CountryPlace . . . now a bird watcher's paradise.

Today, the property is around 10 acres of native forest and typical Dandenongs gardens. Camelias, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Maples, Chestnuts and a whole variety of conifers abound. Around 10 years ago the owners decided to add to the gardens with mass plantings of flowering native trees to provide habitat for native birds. Waratahs, Proteas and Acacias to name a few.

This project has been spectacularly successful with an influx of birds not previously seen on the property. The Red-browed Finch, the Superb Fairy-wren, Musk Lorikeet, Red Wattlebird and Crimson Rosella are quite common now. This is such a rewarding outcome.

The delightful, tiny Red-browed Finch seen frequently at CountryPlace, nesting in the flowering Waratahs.

These species, together with the Galah, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Australian Magpie, Kookaburra, Willie Wagtail and Australian Wood Duck are common sightings at CountryPlace.

We encourage CountryPlace guests to identify new species to be added to our list of sightings.