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Conference Planning Guide PDF - The Essential Checklist for Event Planners

Organising a conference can be a headache of a task, particularly for those who have been allocated this role for the first time. You feel personally responsible for how the event will transpire. You may feel unsure of whether all key matters have been addressed pre-event. All parties involved with the event come to you with their problems and event questions.

Coordinating the needs of many can leave organisers feeling overwhelmed. 

Download this FREE, comprehensive event planning guide and checklist 

Conference Planning basics

Three things worth considering . . .

  1. Seek a clear understanding from management concerning the expected outcomes for the event.
  2. Establish the list of attendees paying particular attention to dietary requirements.
  3. Allow sufficient time for securing the right venue. One with solid experience with meetings. Many conferences are booked 3-6 months before the event. An experienced venue can really add to your event.

That’s just for starters. To fully understand the process we offer a free conference planning guide.

How do you organise a conference?

conference planning guide pdf

Our Conference Planning Guide will walk you through the planning process, ensuring your next conference or event is well organised and achieves its planned outcomes. We prompt event organisers to imagine this guide from the initial planning stage, right through to the post-event review, providing a holistic understanding of the event processes.

Achieving the best results with the least amount of stress requires working to a plan.

  • Setting clear goals for yourself, and for the event itself.
  • Establishing a comprehensive and considered budget.
  • Selecting the right event venue.
  • Answering all remaining pre-event questions.
  • Ensuring event speakers, other organisers, and suppliers, have all information that they require.
  • Managing the conference whilst it's taking place.
  • Evaluating the your successes and the event's success.


What you do before the meeting is just as important as what you do in it. Another useful tool to put you on a pathway to success is our Event Planning Checklist. It’s yours free.

Conference planning guide download

The A to Z of Conference Planning

Learn step-by-step with our FREE, comprehensive guide, sharing over 25 years conference experience running an award-winning Melbourne conference venue.  All key questions that you need to ask yourself, your colleagues, and your suppliers have been listed to streamline your planning process. Get the Guide Now.

conference planning guide