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Change in location can often lead to a change in outcomes

By Jeffry Farman, past Global President, International Association of Conference Centres.

Meetings, meetings, meetings. Staff often believe that all meetings are pretty much the same. So, to take them to a special place off-site can be stimulating. Can be invigorating and may lead the group to a new way of approaching things. A new way of collaborating. A new way of making changes required by the organisation.

Change in location can often lead to a change in outcomes.
There’s no distractions from the day to day office activities when you hold your event away from the office. The air is fresh and clean. Pollution free. There is usually no traffic and parking congestion. All these benefits pave the way for a new start. A fresh start.

Organisations wanting to build stronger relationships and achieve greater collaboration between departments often look to get-away and make a fresh start. Often team bonding and team-building activities form part of such a retreat.


Working together on the high ropes course at CountryPlace in the Dandenongs.

It certainly is worth considering, getting away from the office for a few days to freshen up the troops and break new ground together.

At CountryPlace, we appreciate that all events are unique. And that sometimes help is valued in assisting you to navigate the challenges of your specific event. Our FREE Team Building guide will help you understand the many options for team building programs and activities that are available.

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