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Team Building Benefits | Why We Love Team Building

By Jeffry Farman, past Global President, International Association of Conference Centres.

The Benefits of Team Building

In today’s competitive world everyone is looking for an edge. An improved performance. There is a strong correlation between strengthening cohesion and morale amongst workmates and the improved performance of an organisation. As businesses operate in increasingly competitive environments, it is critical that all employees develop the resolve and tactical skills to outperform the competition.

These skills can be learned. By improving the way teams learn to harness the potential of all team members, finding better and smarter ways to solve problems and continuously improving results, overall performance can be improved.

Looking for team building ideas? Download our essential Team Building Guide packed with awesome activities.

How it works

Our team building programs offer varied, customised learning and provide tangible results for your business.

We recognise that every client has different needs and will require a different solution for their team bonding activities. The focus can be on:

  • Giving and receiving encouragement
  • Stretching comfort zones
  • Building trust
  • Cross team collaboration
  • Bonding by succeeding together

Co-operative Activities

The co-operative activities are designed to highlight collaborative teamwork between individuals and work groups who depend on each other for information and support. Break down the “silos” and reinforce a “one team” culture.

Competitive Challenges

team building benefits

We offer a set of challenges that are designed to develop strategic thinking, persistence and teamwork as the tools to achieve market leadership.

The Value Of Experienced Facilitators

Team building that gets results will always benefit from the involvement of professional trainers. People whose specialty is team building. At CountryPlace we have worked with many successful facilitators. We are in a position to help you select consultants to assist you with your needs.

CountryPlace is one of Melbourne's leading conference venues for team building activities.


CountryPlace Conference Centre, in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, just outside Melbourne, has been a leader in the field of team-building for over 25 years. In that time, the venue has been host to more than 3000 residential corporate events including major companies, universities and government departments.

Countryplace has produced a Team Building Guide as a tool that allows organizations to plan for the inclusion of a team-building component into their event. This guidebook is free.New Call-to-action