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Awesome team building ideas for your next conference

FREE Team Building Activities Guidebook

Organising a conference can be a headache for many of us. Particularly those that have been given the task for the first time. As the event organiser, you’ll need to consider goals, attendee lists, budget, venue selection, accommodation, food & beverage choices, managing the event and post conference evaluation. 

Maybe you have already booked an off-site business event or conference for your group and have settled down to the task of planning an agenda. Your boss has indicated it could be helpful to include some team-building activities. You think you know why. But where to start. Some research could help to understand the team building benefits that could be expected.

Why is team-building important.

Other organisations seem to report some pretty impressive results. Some say team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. It can build trust, mitigate conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration.

Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and boosting the bottom line. It can also be adventurous and enjoyable if you do it with some flair.

Start with some team building icebreakers.

Icebreakers cannot only be fun, they loosen everyone up and really get things going. You can learn more with our FREE Icebreakers Activities Guide.

Team building activities Melbourne

There are few residential business event venues around Melbourne offering the same level of commitment to team building activities than CountryPlace in the Dandenong Ranges just 40 minutes from the CBD. The venue has long term partnerships with specialist team building consultants to supervise your team building exercises.

Call Jen or Belinda on 9728 7070 to help you get started.

team building ideas

High ropes in the tree tops and low ropes closer to ground level are just part of the offering. There are indoor and outdoor activities to suit your requirements.

fun team building ideas

Our FREE Team Building Guidebook is packed full of team building activities for your next Melbourne conference or event.

The guide walks you through the planning process considering all of the aspects of goal setting, problem solving, team activities, desired outcomes and much more.

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