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Apps that conference organisers should be using

A lot goes into creating and running a successful conference. Whether this is your first time or your fiftieth, it's a good idea to use whatever tools and resources are available to you that can make the conference run more smoothly and successfully.

One area in which there is a great deal of innovation is in the development of mobile conference apps, which can be used to help organisers, vendors, and attendees maximise the value they get from the conference itself. From instant feedback and sales opportunities for conference organisers, to efficient scheduling and collaborative tools for attendees, there are a significant number of mobile conference apps that can be useful.
The following are a couple of examples of some of the best and most interesting apps that conference organisers should be using:

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EventMobi is one of the best options out there for conference organisers who want one app that can do as much as possible. EventMobi is the closest you'll find to a comprehensive app, and its features include the following:

  • Customisable app with templates and support to simplify the creation process.
  • Support for third party advertisements (such as sponsors, etc. for your conference).
  • Secure logins and industry-leading security features, along with in-app chat.
  • Maps of the conference area.
  • An integrated help desk for attendees.
  • The ability to poll attendees in real time.

These are just a few examples of what EventMobi is capable of -- be sure to check out their site as well.


The Pathable mobile event app is similar to EventMobi, except it is more a "plug and play" type of service. The Pathable app also provides support for individual profiles for conference speakers and other important figures, as well as personalised schedules for each attendee that can be updated in real time. Perhaps most interestingly, Pathable gives conference organisers real-time analytics data on where attendees are, what they are doing, and other behavioral metrics. Pathable also makes it possible to "live steam" specific events or breakout sessions, and those streams can be saved for later on-demand viewing as well.

There are literally dozens of fantastic apps out there for conference organisers. Be sure to look at the two we've recommended as well as the many others available before your next conference.

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