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How To Create A Corporate Event You Can Be Proud Of

Planning and organising a, successful corporate event that ticks all the boxes is not always easy. Choosing a program that meets all your event needs will be critical. It should to be engaging, raise the profile of your event and, most importantly, create a lasting impression.

CountryPlace has over 25 years of experience advising clients on how to get the best out of their event. So, what exactly are the key elements to planning an event successfully? Here’s our top 5 tips for planning:

6 Valuable Tips For Planning An Outstanding Corporate Event

Start early

Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead. Consider all of the bases – the overall objective, type of event, venue selection, delegates’ needs, entertainment, team building activities, catering. There’s a lot to do so an early start will be very helpful so you will not run out of time and avoid missing opportunities that will be important for the success of the event.

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Determine the objectives for the event

Corporate events are generally instigated for a reason and it should remain the key objective during the planning process. Especially if you’re planning a corporate team event designed to bring engagement and resolve conflict in the workplace. The right activity should be tailored to your audience needs eg. a team building session for a technology led business will require innovative thinking and bespoke event solutions.

Communication – the cornerstone to success

It’s important to have a plan in place that clearly outlines expectations, strategic objectives and is shared will all parties involved. Careful planning and good communication will be vital. Ensure the event objectives and details are clearly communicated to all delegates and smaller details including travel, accommodation, event timetables and seating arrangements are considered well in advance.

The right venue Is Vital

The venue will be vital to the success of your event. There needs to be a connection between the event and the venue.  Most importantly, is the venue well established as a corporate event venue? Do they have the experience to contribute to the planning process for your event? It’s important to ensure your venue meets all your needs. Is there enough space? Does it accommodate the needs of your event? Does it have accommodation?

Work with a realistic budget

Be realistic as corporate events can be very expensive. You’ll need a budget for planning the event, travel,coordinating suppliers, team-building activities, equipment, transport, accommodation and covering the cost of employees spending time away from the office. Make sure you have a contingency and update the budget regularly. It all adds up!

Look for a dedicated point of contact

Choose a venue that provides a single point of contact, as you’ll continually be working closely with that person in the build-up to your event or conference. An experienced conference manager, dedicated to your event can add loads of value ensuring any issues or changes to your event can be handled swiftly and seamlessly.

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