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5 Useful Productivity Tools for Work

By Jeffry Farman, director, CountryPlace Conference Centre.


The search for better ways of doing things in our world of work is changing every day. Think about these stats.

  • In 2018, there were 194 billion mobile app downloads.
  • By 2020, there will be roughly 6 billion mobile users.

Mobile apps are being used in offices across the world to assist workers to improve their productivity. These stress-saving productivity apps and websites for work can help you manage your workload and save you time. And as a bonus they work with you to help improve your efficiency. These productivity tools for work are certainly worth considering.

1. Remembering everything: WEDO

As a PA or EA one of the top issues you’re bound to deal with is being expected to remember absolutely everything. Whether it’s arranging dry cleaning services or planning large meetings, you have a million things to remember to do on a daily basis. WeDo is an app where you can keep a to-do list of all tasks, which can be divided into different categories of your choosing. Estimate how long each task will take, set reminders and review stats of how you spend your time to improve long-term efficiency.

2. Reminding everybody: MONDAY.COM

Not only do you need to remember things that you need to do, you’re also expected to remind others to do things too. monday.com is a piece of software that helps you keep track of specific tasks for multiple projects and areas of work. It also allows you to assign tasks to others. Users can update their progress on tasks too, allowing you to have an overview of progress in one central place. Worth a look.


3. Note taking: EVERNOTE

Need a useful tool for note-taking? Evernote is an online platform – that can also be accessed offline and be synced later – ideal for capturing notes in one place. It’s easy to organise the notes into different work areas or themes, create a new note with just one click, and search through previous notes quickly.

4. A helping hand: GOOGLE ASSISTANT

Need your own assistant? Google Assistant can be added to your phone, watch and laptop. One of the most useful features is to ask Google to find out the answer to a question while you’re multi-tasking. You can also manage tasks, create a daily brief and pull together traffic and flight information.

5. Managing meeting participation: SLI.DO

When it comes to large meetings and conferences, you are often drafted in to pick up the administrative tasks. Collecting questions and comments from attendees is one task that can be difficult to manage. sli.do is a website that all attendees can access with a hashtag to digitally add their comments and questions. You can then manage all of this in one central place and take the most popular questions to the meeting or conference chair.


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