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5 Trending Ideas for Event Success

Event planners shoulder a great deal of responsibility ensuring the success of a conference or other event. The bar continues to be raised to hold the attention of participants and lay the foundation for retaining event excitement year after year.

Inspiring a large university group conferencing at CountryPlace

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Seat guest socially

Your event participants will appreciate your devotion to making awkward seating arrangements a thing of the past. With new social apps allowing event professionals to gain more insight into the networking habits of their participants, meeting goers can enjoy the opportunity to sit with colleagues and others with similar interests, spurring more meaningful conversation and dialog.

Live slide sharing

Pushing technology in the form of speaker presentations to your attendees’ smartphones and tablets keeps the focus on content. It also provides an easy means for participants to have valuable content at their fingertips, both at the conference as well as after returning home. A side benefit: reduction of paper handouts increases your meeting’s green appeal.

Visual Content

While you may want to continue your contract with a formal event photographer, the trend toward a more visual Internet should signal the need for encouraging your event attendees to share photos and videos via social media about the event. Promote a hash tag specific to your event and monitor online activity during and after the conference. Publish a notice in event materials that photos and video taken at the conference will be used on your organisation’s website and social media pages unless a participant’s desire to opt out is provided in writing prior to the start of the conference.

Choose a cause

One of the most promising trends in event planning is to choose a social cause or charity, then invite participants to donate toward a fund for the cause while highlighting the social need. Some event planners have even worked this movement into team building exercises, where teams assembled bicycles for underprivileged children. Others have used evening social events to stage silent auctions, while featuring a charity’s spokesperson on the conference agenda. Tying in the charity to your industry is icing on the cake.

Use On-Site Technology

Allow meeting goers to feel ownership for your event by getting the full picture with a technology wall. Work with site staff to choose a wall that can be frequented by your participants, then provide a real-time slide show of speakers, participants and meeting content on large video screen. Video clips will generate renewed excitement over conference highlights, along with audio and still photos. Continual reinforcement of the meeting’s highlights will improve participants’ satisfaction and improve retention of client interest for future events.

Sound Advice

CountryPlace Retreat has a long and successful history in conferencing. With over 1000 residential meetings completed, CountryPlace is well qualified to provide conference advice. The venue was the first Australian venue to be accepted for membership of the International Association of Conference Centres. It is also the only Victorian conference venue to win five Tourism Awards in the Business Category.