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5 helpful tips for personal assistants

Tip 1. Managing the boss’s diary. If it’s too much of a squeeze to fit all the meetings your boss needs to attend, think outside the box. Find out if the meeting can be done by telephone conference. Or see if he/she can stay for a portion of the meeting rather than the whole duration. Consider breakfast or lunch meetings instead.

Tip 2. Minute taking. Draw a table plan. If you don’t know who’s who in the meeting room, ask the chairperson in advance of the meeting to start the session with introductions. While this is happening, draw a rough table plan of who is sitting where.

Tip 3.Dealing with difficult colleagues. The savviest way to deal with passive-aggressive behaviour is to try to understand why a person is behaving in this way and to try to build a positive relationship with the person. Being kind, communicative and non-threatening can help people like this feel more relaxed.

Tip 4. Wellbeing. Don’t forget yourself. Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing all impact the business and the individual. Employee wellbeing and business success are intrinsically linked. With all of the responsibilities and time constraints you have it’s easy to forget you own wellbeing.

Tip 5. End on a high. Finish your working day by reviewing your to-do list and ticking off all the tasks you’ve accomplished. Similarly, write a list of your top priorities for the next day too. It’ll help you go home knowing everything is in order.

All of these tips and many, many more can be found in our new FREE e-book, The PA/EA’s Helpful Handbook.

For around 30 years, CountryPlace Conference Centre, in Melbourne’s beautiful Dandenong Ranges, has been working closely with PA/EA’s to run successful business events. This experience has enabled us to provide a useful handbook of ideas, great articles and tips on how to effectively manage your time, plan your day, look after yourself and organise meetings. That’s why we have produced a FREE e-book to help.

Our Helpful Handbook for PA/EA’s has lots more on workplace wellbeing including lifting your performance, motivation, mental health, and more. The handbook also offers advice on diary management, personal styling, time management considerations, understanding dietary complexities, PA networking, dealing with difficult colleagues at work and lots, lots more. Here’s some of the topics:

  • Tips on diary management
  • Time management considerations
  • Wellbeing in the workplace (including yours)
  • Personal styling and presentation
  • Five useful productivity tools
  • Tips for minute taking
  • Dealing with difficult colleagues
  • Handling dietary complexities
  • PA networking
  • Useful seating arrangements for meetings
  • 6 scientifically backed ways to de-stress the conference planner


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