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4 Effective Time management tips for PA & EA’s

Sometimes it feels like managing time effectively at work is outside our control, especially when colleagues and managers give us unanticipated work at short notice. But it really is possible to gain control of your time and handle whatever comes your way.

Here are a few tips from our new FREE e-book, The PA/EA’s Helpful Handbook.

1. Make a plan

On a Monday morning, take a look at all the tasks you have for the week ahead, including recurring tasks and meetings. Pinpoint the most urgent tasks with the closest deadlines and see what can wait until next week. Allocate the amount of time needed for each task and map this into your calendar for the week to make your task list feel much more achievable.

2. Know yourself

Would you describe yourself as a morning person, or do you get a burst of energy in the afternoon? Plan your work around how you tend to feel at particular times of day. Do the tasks that require high concentration when you have the most energy and save the lighter tasks for low-energy moments.

3. Take breaks

It may sound counterproductive but an important part of managing your time is ensuring you take time out. Go for a walk or to the gym at lunchtime and have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon tea break with a healthy snack. It’ll help sharpen your mind and de-stress, better preparing you to work more efficiently when you are at your desk.

4. Ensure meeting efficiency

When planning upcoming meetings, have the names of all attendees, the full agenda and the location details before sending out meeting invites. Disseminating all the information in one go avoids a drip-feed of questions and queries all coming back to you.

These tips and many, many more can be found in our new FREE e-book, The PA/EA’s Helpful Handbook.

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For around 30 years, CountryPlace Conference Centre, in Melbourne’s beautiful Dandenong Ranges, has been working closely with PA/EA’s to run successful business events. This experience has enabled us to provide a useful handbook of ideas, great articles and tips on how to effectively manage your time, plan your day, look after yourself and organise meetings. That’s why we have produced a FREE e-book to help.


Our Helpful Handbook for PA/EA’s has lots more on workplace wellbeing including lifting your performance, motivation, mental health, and more. The handbook also offers advice on diary management, personal styling, time management considerations, understanding dietary complexities, PA networking, dealing with difficult colleagues at work and lots, lots more. Here’s some of the topics:

  • Tips on diary management
  • Time management considerations
  • Wellbeing in the workplace (including yours)
  • Personal styling and presentation
  • Five useful productivity tools
  • Tips for minute taking
  • Dealing with difficult colleagues
  • Handling dietary complexities
  • PA networking
  • Useful seating arrangements for meetings
  • 6 scientifically backed ways to de-stress the conference planner
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