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4 Creative Thinking Techniques for the Workplace

By Jeffry Farman, director, CountryPlace Conference Centre

All my working life I have been lucky to have associated with creative people. Inspiring types. (Some just a little bit crazy too.) Designers, illustrators, journalists, photographers, architects, chefs.

Yet many of us seem to have routine jobs, lacking in imagination and inspiration where we just follow the process, tick the boxes and do only enough to get by. A productivity focus and mindset. So, what went wrong?

Think about a 5 year-old kid, totally immersed in storytelling, drawing, cutting out and sticking down. Creativity at its purest form. How exciting would it be to bring this creative spark to our everyday working lives?

I heard a talk where a large banking company was encouraged to give their employees a free go, for one month, to come up with ways that would improve the work that they do. The results were astonishing. Who would have thought? A free flow of ideas that no one would have imagined.

We all have an inner artist just longing to get out. We can all benefit from reclaiming our creativity in our jobs. Finding out what makes us feel more alive and better at our work. Creative thinking makes you a better problem solver and helps you stand out from the crowd. Discover these 4 tips to reclaim your creativity:

1. Doodle More


2. Get Physical

Time out for physical exercise can be stimulating for the brain. Encourages a more creative mindset.

3. Brainstorm with a colleague

Set aside half an hour for a no-idea-is-a-bad-idea session. A pair of fresh eyes is a great way to find a different perspective. Make sure you generate more ideas than you need. People who can generate a lot of ideas are more likely to have a couple of good ones.

4. Do something outside your comfort zone


Feeling as though you’re in a rut can stifle creativity. To reboot the creative process take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new. Whether it’s at work or in your own time break up your routine and do it differently.

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