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10 icebreaker games for meetings

It often pays to play icebreaker games when you’re thinking of ways to get your meeting off to a good start. Allows participants to unwind and relax. And you’re sure to win some hearts and minds while having some fun doing it.

CountryPlace conference venue has been providing for residential meetings for almost 30 years. There is not much we have not seen. Try some of our icebreakers to get things going. We’ve got some proven fun ideas. Try them. And let us know what you think.

1. No laughing matter

Start the meeting in a very serious tone, telling everyone you will not tolerate any smiling. Then tell a joke. See if people can keep a straight face. It’s harder than you think not to laugh. In fact, it’s guaranteed that everyone will be laughing. A great way to start a meeting, and you’ll find the event is more effective because of it.

2. A single word to get things going

Ask everyone to describe their current mood in one word. “I feel anxious.”

Participants can explain their one-word mood descriptor if you want to add more depth to your icebreaker. This is a very bonding exercise where people are able to share their feelings and expose themselves just a little. 

3. Beware the electric fence

Start by getting the group to tie some string between two chairs. Tell the people they have built an electric fence and now need to cross it. They cannot go under. Must go over the fence. Great care needs to be taken to be sure no one is electrocuted by toughing the fence. This is an exercise in ingenuity to find a way to cross over. Lots of fun.

Looking for icebreaker ideas for your next meeting? Download our essential Icebreakers  Guide packed with awesome activities.

4. Finding things in common

Get things moving by encouraging people to find out more about each other. Have everyone pair up with someone they don’t know. Ask them to find out what they have in common. In turn each couple is invited to share their common characteristics. The couple that finds the most things in common wins.

Discovering interesting things (particularly about new acquaintances) is a good way to get to know each other. A successful icebreaker.

5. Pass the Toilet Roll (from our free Icebreaker e-Book)

icebreaker games for business

To play this game, pass a roll of toilet paper around a group, sitting in a circle, telling them to take as much as they need. Everyone laughs at the amount people take, and once the roll is finished and everyone has had a go, you drop the bomb.

For each piece of toilet paper taken, the person has to tell the group something about himself or herself that the others don’t know. You won’t believe the laughs his gets. 

6. Release the gas

This is a good one for conflict resolution. You’ll need large (sealed) bottle of fizzy drink and a large towel. Pass the bottle to someone and ask them to share something that makes them feel angry. Then they should give the bottle a shake and pass it to the next person. Repeat with everyone in the room.

Finally . . . take the towel and cover the bottle. Remove the top releasing all of the gas. A good demonstration of ways to remove anger and release tensions.

7. It’s a lie

A great getting to know you exercise. Have the group form a circle. Each person in turn shares 2 truths and a lie about them self. The group has to guess which is the lie. Loads of fun. Loads of laughs.

8. Don’t judge me

Ask group members to write down something (anonymously) they have done recently that made them feel just a little guilty. Preferably something they would never have told anyone. Like “I did my kids homework last week.” Throw the paper into a hat or bucket.

Sometimes it’s best to free ourselves of something we are not particularly proud of.

9. Produce the Goods (from our free Icebreaker e-Book)

icebreaker games for meetings 

Split the group into teams. Give each team a pre-prepared list of things to produce from their purses and pockets (think coins, $100 dollar bill, a comb, a baby picture, bifocals, a condom) within a time limit.

The team with everything (or almost) wins.

10. Knock, knock

Another fun starter that gets a few laughs happening. Ask everyone to share their favourite knock, knock joke. (Research with a mobile phone is permitted.)

There are many more ideas that will provide a great start to your event. They are all in our Guide to Icebreakers.

At CountryPlace we appreciate that all events are unique. And we are here to help. This Icebreaker Guide will help you understand the many options for getting your event off to a great start and the many activities that are available.

icebreakers activities guide

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